Welcome to the Desert Vehicles Preservation Society

The DVPS (Desert Vehicles Preservation Society) is a non-profit organization with the aim to preserve all kinds of vehicles related to the motorized exploration of the deserts of the World, to promote and document the knowledge about such vehicles, to rebuild them where no originals exist anymore and to make the information about such vehicles available not only to enthusiasts but also to a wider range of a general public.

The DVPS intends to obtain, restore or rebuilt vehicles which played a role during the motorized exploration of the desert, present them on exhibitions or conduct special events by using such vehicles in a desert environment.

The DVPS is maintaining the website www.desert-vehicles.org to present its vehicles and the related information to the public. The website is also intended to provide a platform to owners of desert-vehicles to present their own vehicles of either civilian or military origin with the only limitation that these vehicles have to be built (originally) prior to the year 1975.

If you are in the possession of a vehicle which was relevant to the motorized exploration of the desert, either as an original or as a replica, and if you wish to present it on this website, please kindly provide us with photographs and information about your vehicle so that we can take it up into the website.

Should you be in the possession of photographs, advertisements, technical information, books, movies or whatever you may think should be presented on this website to a wider public, please contact us accordingly.

Please note that your participation does not oblige you to anything but only helps us to fill our website with life. It is also understood that we are not in the position to provide you with a compensation for your contribution other than the presentation of your vehicle on our website to a wider public.

If you would like to get further details, please contact us.

We hope that we woke up your interest and count on your contribution.

Kind regards

Kuno Gross & Wolfgang Kuhmann