Renault Colorale

As its name (formed from the words “coloniale” and “rurale”) suggested, the Colorale was a rugged utility vehicle primarily designed to address tough motoring conditions on rural and overseas markets.
Production spanned the period from 1950 to 1956 and totalled 39’200 units. It was available in a wide range of formats (estate car, sevenseater taxi, can and pickup) and afour-wheel-drive verson appeared in 1952.
The Colorale first earned a place in motoring history with the Algiers-Cape Town Rally in 1951, before giong to forge itself a truly legendary reputation as a tireless adventurer with equally arduous expeditions from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska and from Tibesti through the Congo to Ethiopia.

Original Photographs

A Renault Colorale in service with the French Foreign Legion in Oubari, Libya in 1952. [Courtesy of photograph: Jean Soupene]

Model Photographs
A Renault Colorale in Tunisia

It perfomrs quite good in the sand…