Andras Zboray

1933 March - May: Almasy-Bermann-Kasparius-Penderell Expedition

Almásy & Penderel, with austrian author Richard Bermann & photographer Hans Kasparius, organise an expedition to explore the 'Gap' and the northern valleys of the Gilf Kebir. At the start, Almásy, waiting for his companions at Abu Ballas, drives north and finds the cairn at Regenfeld with the note of Prince Kemal el Din. They discover the drivable 'Aqaba pass leading from the western plains up to the 'Gap', and succeed entering two of the northern wadis, Wadi Abd -el Melik and for the first time Wadi Talh. At the southern tip of the Gilf Almásy erects a memorial to Prince Kemal el Din, his longtime patron who passed away the year before. Towards the end of their trip, while camping at Ain Doua at Uweinat, Almasy discoveres rock paintings on boulders above the spring (later the discovery was hotly disputed with di Caporaccio).

Expedition Photographs
Expedition Route Map

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