CMP Ford F30 4x4 30cwt (LRDG Patrol Truck)

After the long distance raids of the early phase of the the LRDG, the Chevrolet WA trucks were soon worn out and had to be replaced. Since no more Chevrolet WA were available, in March 1941, a number of seventy CMP Ford F30 4×4 30cwt were taken into service by the LRDG.
The Ford truck had the same loading capacity as the Chevrolets, but were 4×4 drive and much heavier in weight – what was the reason for fuel consumption which was about the double than it was for the Chevrolets.
By March 1942, the Fords were replaced by 200 purpose built Canadian Chevrolet 1533×2 trucks – those we consider the typical LRDG trucks today.

When the LRDG moved its Headquarters from Siwa to Kufra across the Egyptian Sandsea in April 1941, they lost one truck on the foot of a dune range with a broken steering. The said truck belonged to the S Patrol.

Since documents were found on the wreck of the truck in the desert which were issued later than 1941, it cannot be the truck listed as lost. Unfortunately, the loss of this particular truck is not mentioned in any of the currently known LRDG records and therefore its true fate remains a mistery to be solved…

Historical Photographs

CMP Ford F30 4×4 modified as per the requirements of LRDG. The photographs do not show the truck found as a wreck in the desert but a similar one with S Patrol.

The photogrpahs were provided by D.Eastwood via J. Pittaway

Photographs of the wreck in Egypt

All photographs were taken in 2010 by Kuno Gross