2001-2008 in the Niger with a Citroen 2 CV

Although it is not a historical desert vehicle it isreally an extraordinary one and very much in line with the vehicles used by the early desert explorers. It has no 4×4, it has no big engine… it has actually nothing of all that what the owners of todays modern offroad-vehicles consider as absolitely mandatory to travel the desert…

…but travelling the desert it did: Several expeditions in the deserts of the Niger were conducted between 2001 and 2008 by Sylvie Beallet and Cyril Ribas with their Citroen 2 CV!

Expedition Photographs
Expedition Map
Adventures with a Citroen 2 CV

Have a look at the website which presents you many more of the adventures Sybille and Cyril experienced with their 2CV.