1927: Alone across the Sahara in a Renault 6CV

Goerges Estienne started from Paris on 7 January 1927 in a Renault 6CV, a model which was already sold a hundred thousand time. The planned route after crossing the Mediterranean is crossing the Sahara from Oran via Reggan to Gao. From Gao then via Kano to Fort Lamy in Chad. Then back via Zinder, Say to Contonou and from there via Lome and Ouagadougou to Bamako. The return trip was then from Bamako via Ouagadougou and Niamey again to Reggan and then to Algiers.

Estienne had chosen the dangerous “Tanezrouft ” (Land of fear) to cross the Sahara. This route was driven for the first time in 1924 by convoys of specialized vehicles but never with a little tiny “off the shelf” car. After 1’500 kilometers driving, Estienne reaches Reggan and already the next day he continues to cross the “Tanezrouft”. ..

At the 14 February, Estienne reached Algiers. He had travelled 17’000 kilometers in only 36 days with his Renault. There were no technical problems to be mentioned – except about 20 flat tires.

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