1938: Georg and Irmgard von Opel; 5'000 Kilometers Africa

In 1938 Georg von Opel got an invitation to partacke an expedition from Egypt up the Nile into the Sudan. He accepted the invitation under the condition to take his wife Irmgard and their common friend, Eric Phelps, a British, with him.

They started on the 18 November from Germany to Venice where they boarded the Marco Polo to cross the Mediterranean to Alexandria in Egypt. On the 28 November, the expedition was ready to start its journey from Cairo's famous Shepheards Hotel.

Next to the already named persons, there were: The leader of the expedition, Mr. Leblanc, a Canadian, a Frenchman as the driver of the second car, a Greek who was the film-operator and a Nubian servant with the name Gafar..

The route was the following: Cairo-Gizeh-Minjeh-Keneh-Luxor-Idfu-Wadi Halfa-Abu Hammed-Berber-Ed Damer-Schendi-Karthoum-Wad Medina-Sennar-Singa-Gedaref-Kassala-Tokar-Suakin-Port Sudan.

The taks of Georg von Opel was probably not so strange for that period of time: Hunting.

During the course of the expedition they had to encounter many problems, technical issues with the cars amongst them. The Pontiac personal car had a final breakdown and was abandoned somewhere in Sudan. Despite several problems en route, the GMC made its way to Port Sudan.

Expedition Photographs

Georg und Irmgard von Opel
5000 Kilometer Afrika
Deutsche Buchgemeinschaft / Berlin 1940

Georg von Opel married his cousin Irmgard in 1939. Their expeditions through Africa and the Rocky Mountains were documented by them in impressive photographic series which were published later on in books.

Georg von Opel * 1912 Frankfurt am Main … † 1971 Bad Soden
Irmgard von Opel * 1907 Rüsselsheim … † 1986