1934-35 DIAFE XII

The overall duration of the DIAFE XII (Deutsche Inner Afrikanische Forschungs Expedition) expedition was 9,5 months and the distance travelled by motorcars was 25'000 kilometers. Rhotert wrote that they did not experience anything exceptional and that they showed no unusual performance at all (maybe he wanted to underestimate the expedition a little bit…). Originally they had even intended to travel as far as to the Tibesti mountains in Chad – but this did obviously not work out. However; looking at the map, it is obviousl that the distance travelled during this expedition is much longer than any of the other desert-expeditions of that time.

It is worth noting that Almasy did not participate, presumably due to a row between Forbenius and him about the attribution of the discovieres made during the 1933 expedition.

Although in 1934 newer Ford models were already available, the decision was made to use the older Ford A. These vehicles were provided to the expedition by Ford in Cologne after they were modified as per the drawings of Hans Rhotert.

Expedition Photographs

All photographs are taken from Hans Rhotert's book “Transjordanien” and in fact they were all taken in Jordan but none of them in Egypt, Libya or Algeria

Expedition Map

The red line shows the route taken by the expedition by motorcar. Note that not all participants of the expeditions did the whole journey but some, amongst them also Frobenius, only a part.


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