Peter Moritz and the Wednesday Group

There is a small group of die hards here in Perth who belongs to the Veteran Car Club of Western Australia or the VCCWA. We are part of the military vehicle collectors section known as the Wednesday Group as we meet each Wednesday to work on each others projects giving what skill if any that we have.

LRDG 1533x2 Chevrolet Patrol Truck

Jack McRoberts was one of group before he sadly passed away in August 2013.
Having finished on his behalf his Model T Light Patrol Car in time for ANZAC Day where it was proudly leading the vehicles that took part.

Our new project is to build a LRDG truck from a Canadian Chevrolet Indian Pattern truck that came our way.
Wewould have liked to save the wooden tray but the amount of work required is quite daunting and as we want to have the vehicle to be a working truck I am opting for the steel tray.
We have removed two factory installed extensions on the chassis which has reduced the overall length by 700mm which will give us a much smaller overhang at the back.

History of the Truck

  • The head was cast in 1936 with the block cast in 1938.
  • Original right drive Canadian Chevrolet.
  • Indian built body.
  • Believed destined for the Free Dutch Forces in Indonesia when the Japanese overran the Country.
  • Convoy diverted to Fremantle, Western Australia.
  • Went into service with Australian Forces in WA and sold after the war in 1948 to a farmer who passed it on for restoration.

If anyone can give any data regarding building the tray or any other info we would appreciate it.
We intend to reconstruct the wood sections of the cab with a false back so that the tray can be separate.
The original front of the tray was the back wall of the cab and much cleaning, looking and thought went into how to remove the tray. Amazing how strong 3inch screws can be and how easy they can be hidden!

On 10. June 2014 we got the sad news that Peter Moritz has unexpectedly passed away. Our condolences go to his family and his friends.