2014-08-07 Gipsy Moth meets Ford Model A

In 1932 a major expedition to the desert of Egypt was organized by Almásy and Sir Robert Clayton East, with Patrick Clayton and H.W.G.J. Penderel, taking a Gipsy Moth aeroplane to the western side of the Gilf Kebir.

Together with Willy Kämpfer we let the vehilces meet again: The Ford Model A and the De Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth.
Despite not at all perfect weather conditions the meeting is took place on Thursday 7. August 2014 at the airport of Langenthal-Bleienbach in Switzerland.


Willy Kämpfer’s De Havilland D.H. 60G Gipsy Moth is probably one of the three oldest airworthy aircraft in Switzerland. The aircraft with its 85 HP engine returned to Langehtal-Bleienbach only in May 2014. It is one of only seven of the originally approximately 600 flying Gipsy Moth in the world and has arrived first at Langenthal-Bleienbach short before the outbreak of WW2 and was mainly used to tow sail-planes. The HB-AFO was deleted from the register in 1969 and sold to Ernst Flückiger who wanted to restore it. He could not do so due to health reasons and so the aircraft remained stored for three decades. Then it was discovered by Chris tucker who conducted a full restoration and finally the Gipsy Moth was purchased by Willy Kämpfer who is flying it today.

The meeting

Originally we only wanted to “re-enact” some of the few old photographs where the Gipsy Moth and the Ford A can be seen together. But the pilot insisted to do some “dynamic photos” as well – and the airport generously gave the approval to do so. All was well planned and briefed to the drivers and the helpers before it took place.

The weather was not perfect – but it was the best idea to use the chance and to do what was possible. It was a very interesting experience for us and we will now see what we can do with the photos. We may use them for a small publication about the replica of Almasy's Ford Model A… but this is a project of the future (maybe the near future).

Many thanks to Willy Kämpfer, the airport of Langenthal-Bleienbach and the friends & helpers who were present to assist.