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The contributors to this site are listed in alphabetical order:

Arter Theo, Switzerland
Barnhham, Oliver, United Kingdom
Beallet, Sylvie (and Ribas,Cyril), France
Foster, Ian New Zealand
Gross, Kuno, Switzerland
H. Andrew, New Zealand
Hochmuth, Albrecht, Germany
Kuhmann, Wolfgang, Germany
McRoberts, Jack, Australia
Ribas, Cyril (and Beallet, Sylvie), France
Rolke, Michael, Germany
Sanders, Peter, United Kingdom of the “Desert Raiders Association”
The Wednesday Group of the of the Military Section of the Veteran Car Club in Western Australia
Zboray, Andras, Hungary

Organisations, Associations, Institutions, Museums & Archives

At desertstories you find some books and links to authors dealing with the subject “desert” or in particular with the desert war and special forces.
The British Desert Raiders

Fascinating LRDG trucks.
LRDG Preservation Society

Jack Valenti and his group of enthusiasts.
Western Desert Recce Group

From Scotland to the Desert.
Friends of Popski's Private Army

foPPA is an association which keeps the memory for the PPA very well alive.
Zerzura Club

The new version of the famous “Zerzura Club” of the 1930ies.
Royal Geographical Society

The Royal Geographical Society provided information and photographs to “The Bagnold Sun-Compass”.
National Archives

The National Archives assisted us during our research.
Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum was of great help during the research for “The Bagnold Sun-Compass”.
Museo dell'Araba Fenice

A private museum, open to the public upon request, containing Italian uniforms, equipment, medals etc., and a rich library of documents and publications, mostly related to the Italian Colonial commitment.
La Rahla

“La Rahla – Amicale des Sahariens” accueille depuis 1946 tous ceux et celles qui se sentent concernés par le Sahara en raison de leurs activités passées ou présentes, de leur goût du voyage dans le désert ou, tout simplement, parce qu'ils y sont nés, y habitent ou pour l'intérêt qu'ils y portent.
Frobenius Institut

As Germany's oldest anthropological research institution, the Frobenius Institute holds four scientific collections and a number of scientific legacies. The holdings are the product of a collecting and documentation activity which started in 1898 and continued well after the death of the Institute's founder, Leo Frobenius, in 1938. One of the most remarkable features were the Institute's numerous research expeditions during which great importance was given to visual documentation. This lead to the creation of a large pictorial archive quite unique in Europe (online image databank). Affiliated to the Frobenius-Institut is the Anthropological Library which has been founded in 1898 as a research library and which today counts among the most important libraries with focus on anthropology (catalogue).