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2017 February News

Our Ford has not seen any real desert sand in 2016. Unfortunately. We have only presented it once at the annual gathering of the Saharaclub in Germany. It was a nice presentation and it appeared that people liked it very much.

Andrew H. and his friends in NZ made a lot of progress on their Chevrolet 1532×2 T9 /“Te Aroha lll” and presetned it for the first time during the Armistice Day event.

I am busy to rework the website graudually now. Just slight changes in the layout which will allow to present the photos in a bigger size. May take soem time until everything is completed.

The most “visual change” will be the short video of our Ford A in the Desert on the Home-Tab.

25.02.2017 11:55 | Kuno Gross

2016 April News

Nearly a years has passed since I have published the last news on our website. This may be owed to my lazyness to a good part but also to the security situation in the Saharan Countries still being not as desired by travelers (andobviously by most of its inhabitants).

Nevertheless; Andrew and his colleagues are now many steps closer to the completion of their LRDG-Chevrolet: > LINK: New LRDG Chevrolet in NZ

We have some nice shots of the 2015 Armistice Day in NZ: “> LINK Cambridge“

And we can announce an upcoming event in Germany where we intend to present our Ford A to the public (hopefully together with the new video of last year's desert trip): > LINK Saharaclub

23.04.2016 12:30 | Kuno Gross

2015, May News

The political / security situation in Northern Africa is not really what is needed to atract desert travelers these days. Libya is off limits due to the ongoing violent clashes, Egypt has banned practically all travelling to the Western Desert and the gilf Kebir, Algeria is possible to be visited but with a lot of limitations – remain Morocco and Tunisia… although restrictions are also implemented for travelling in Tunisia.

Despite this we have decided to visit Tunisia once more with our old Ford model A to find out waht is really possible with such a vehicle – and we were joined by a “new” enthusiast and his 42 years old VW Typ 181.

The journey went as planned and hoped. We faced absolutely no problems in the Country and could drive the routes we had inteded to. The old vehicles performed well… very well. We had a lot of fun in the sand dunes and we are happy that we have used the chance to do that trip.

Here the link to the “new car”: > LINK: Volkswagen Typ 181

And the link to the detailed description of the journy: > LINK: Journey to Jebel Tembaine

2015, January News

We have already reached the last week of January of the new year. There is not so much news regarding “Desert Vehicles” these days but we have just published a little book presenting our experience with the Ford A in Tunisia in autumn 2013 – not much text but plenty of photographs instead.

Desert Vehicles, Almasy's Ford A

We thought that it would be time to prepare a small pictorial book about the replica of Almasy's Ford A in the Sahara desert.


Here a link to some photos provided by Brendan O'Carroll and Shaun Molony of last years Armistice Day in Cambrifge, NZ

What's up for 2015?

Unfortunately the situation in North Africa is all but normal and desert traveling very difficult these days. Nevertheless, we may give it another try in spring or (and?) in autumn this year…

25.01.2015 15:46 | Kuno Gross

2014-08-08: Ford, Moth & Voodoo

Two event reports were added – check out the “Event” section to see the photos.

10.08.2014 17:12 | Kuno Gross